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backhoe loader moving dirt


EXPERIENCE. VISION. EXECUTION. With years of experience in the field, the vision and desire to build a world class company that offers unmatched mobile crushing services, forged a meeting of the minds that collaborated to form BLACK ROCK CRUSHING. Established in 2010, the journey began with 1 mobile plant and a small team led by our co-founder, who worked tirelessly to master the craft of providing a superior quality product. That very blueprint has proven successful and duplicated many times over, earning BLACK ROCK CRUSHING long term contracts and many new customers over the years. To date, we have processed MILLIONS of tons of RAP, concrete and rock. 


At Black Rock Crushing, we believe that providing our customers with the same level of superior quality and service that earned their business, is the same level of quality and service required to keep their business, which helps us build long lasting relationships. Our goal is to consistently provide unmatched products and services that exceeds our customers expectations and create experiences that our competitors often imitate and unable to duplicate.